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Monday, 22 August 2016

Back to the Future

My elderly mother recently found a copy of a 1996 Brighton Evening Argus article about the formation of the local SAS group. I was the local rep at the time and there were enough local activists to start the first local SAS group outside Cornwall in the country. We were fighting for an end to Southern Water's 'pump and dump' approach.

20 years later my long curly brown hair is short and grey, but I'm about to become a local SAS rep again. The EU referendum result has fired me up to start campaigning again in a bigger way. The Bathing Water Directive, which provides the protection of minimum standards, was never translated into UK law so when we leave the EU it may no longer apply.

I want to help build local opposition to any idea that bathing water standards should be relaxed. So it's back to the future.

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